King Mohammed VI Attends First Religious Lecture of Ramadan

Rabat  – King Mohammed VI has presided over the first religious lecture of the holy month of Ramadan at the Royal Palace of Rabat.The lecture was given by Endowments and Islamic Affairs Minister Ahmed Toufiq on the theme “The Rights of the Spirit and its Economic Dimensions.” The lecture drew on Surah 91 (The Sun) verses 7-10 “And the soul and He who proportioned it, and inspired it its wickedness and its righteousness, he has succeeded who purifies it, and he has failed who instills it.”Toufiq recalled at the beginning of his speech that noteworthy scholars of the Islamic Ummah (Community) have studied all that is related to the rights of the soul in the Holy Qur’an and the Sunnah (the way) and distinguished between the absolute rights and the collective rights, noting that the latter are also the rights of Allah, His Prophet, the individual and the community. The individual has first rights to himself, then come the collective rights that naturally impact the community and especially its economic aspects, he said.Toufiq then made it clear that the theme of his talk would be based on four pieces of evidence and one conviction.As for the pieces of evidence, the speaker first cited the causal relationship between human behavior and economic choices. Second, he noted that human behavior manifests itself through politics, which is basically the management of human weakness. The third piece of evidence, he went on to say, is to consent that human behavior depends on the desires of the soul of the individual which push him to consume. The fourth is that the market is a meeting point between the economy, politics, and the soul.He noted, as it is stated in the Qur’an, that the conviction is the fact of shaping the soul so that it can guide the behavior of men to ultimately build a lifestyle in which the economy is just one dimension among others.In this respect, the soul is defined as an acting force from which stems a certain behavior, said Toufiq. He added that Allah has sworn to shape the soul and make it pure and loving by nature.The purification of the soul is the right of the soul from which several other rights derive and is therefore the foundation for building a healthy personality in terms of religion, he said.Toufiq noted in this sense that the Holy Qur’an has warned against parsimony because it constitutes an injustice towards the soul and an attack on one of its fundamental rights, noting that piety, which involves the purification of the soul, is both the origin and the result of an economic choice imbued with the virtues of altruism and generosity.At the end of the lecture, the King was greeted by Special Envoy of Nigeria Ahmed Aboubakar Rifai, President of the Forum for Peace Promotion in Muslim Societies Sheikh Abdallah Ben Biyah, and Director of the World’s Centre for Renewal and Orientation in London Shaikhouna Ben Abdellah Ben Beyah.Afterwards, Toufiq handed the King a copy of a calligraphy manuscript in the Moroccan style, which dates from the 19th century. The original version of the manuscript is kept in the library of the Ben Youssef Mosque in Marrakech. read more

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UN anticrime chief pledges support for treaty against nuclear terrorism

On the eve of the entry into force of the International Convention for the Suppression of Acts of Nuclear Terrorism, the Executive Director of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) pledged support for the pact. Antonio Maria Costa said UNODC stood ready to help countries become parties to and implement the Convention. “Indeed, we are the only UN body mandated, empowered and equipped to provide on-the-ground counter terrorism assistance on legal issues to Member States,” he said in a statement released in Vienna, where the Office is based. The treaty comes into effect tomorrow – 30 days after Bangladesh became the 22nd State to deposit its instrument of ratification with the UN Secretary-General. It outlaws specific acts of nuclear terrorism and aims to protect against attacks involving a broad range of possible targets, including nuclear power plants and nuclear reactors, bring perpetrators to justice and promote cooperation among countries. UNODC assists Member States in ratifying and implementing the 13 international conventions and protocols related to terrorism. Since January 2003, it has supported some 137 countries. UNODC increasingly provides support for the incorporation of their provisions into national legislation and for strengthening the capacity of national criminal justice systems to carry them out. Under the Convention, alleged offenders must be extradited or prosecuted. States are encouraged to cooperate in assisting each other in connection with criminal investigations and extradition proceedings. The treaty also obliges them to make every effort to adopt appropriate measures to ensure the protection of radioactive material. 6 July 2007On the eve of the entry into force of the International Convention for the Suppression of Acts of Nuclear Terrorism, the Executive Director of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) pledged support for the pact. read more

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Stocks up after strong US employment data

Deal making, earnings news and U.S. jobs data that blew past expectations combined to push the Toronto stock market higher Friday.The S&P/TSX composite index gained 66.19 points to 14,730.26.The Canadian dollar moved down 0.08 of a cent to 91.15 cents US.New York indexes had a muted response to data showing that the American economy cranked out 288,000 jobs during April. Economists had expected growth of around 200,000. Also, the jobless rate fell from 6.7 per cent to 6.3 per cent.The Dow Jones industrials fell 22.7 points to 16,619.16, the Nasdaq was down 2.82 points to 4,124.62 and the S&P 500 index dipped 1.06 points to 1,882.62.But the news wasn’t all good: the labour force participation rate fell to just 62.8 per cent during April from 63.2 per cent and there was a decline of 73,000 in employment.“That would be sort of the fly in the ointment,” said Luciano Orengo, portfolio manager at Manulife Asset Managtement.“What the low participation rate tells you is that . . . people are sort of dropping out. But the reality is that the 288,000 jobs created, it’s the best month since January 2012 and the second best month since the economy came back from recession in mid-2009.”Some analysts attributed the tepid session in New York to nervousness over the worsening situation in Ukraine.Ukraine’s acting president says pro-Russia insurgents have suffered significant losses, including many killed and injured, after his government launched an offensive on the eastern city of Slovyansk.And the U.N. Security Council plans to meet in emergency session Friday on Ukraine after Russia called for a public meeting on the growing crisis there.There was some major deal making in the media sector as Torstar Corp. (TSX:TS.B), owner of the Toronto Star and other newspapers, said it’s selling the Harlequin book publishing company for $455 million to News Corp. The company, best known for its romance novels, will be run as a division of News Corp. subsidiary HarperCollins Publishers. Torstar shares jumped 13.47 per cent to $7.58.SNC-Lavalin (TSX:SNC) shares ran ahead 6.3 per cent to $52.74 as the engineering giant said that it is selling AltaLink, Alberta’s largest regulated electricity transmission company, to a subsidiary of the holding company run by U.S. financier Warren Buffett for gross proceeds of $3.2 billion.In earnings news, Westport Innovations Inc. (TSX:WPT) a maker of advanced natural gas engines and systems, says its quarterly net loss fell to US$23.9 million or 38 cents per share from US$31.8 million or 57 cents per share a year ago. Revenue grew 39 per cent to US$41.9 million and its shares jumped 19.45 per cent to $16.95.TransCanada Corp. (TSX:TRP) shares edged up three cents to $51.21 as the company behind the controversial Keystone XL pipeline project said it earned $412 million or 58 cents a share in its latest quarter as revenue grew nearly 30 per cent to $2.88 billion. Ex-items, TransCanada said its comparable earnings for the quarter came in a $422 million or 60 cents per share, up from $370 million or 52 cents per share a year ago.On the commodity markets, the gold sector climbed 1.85 per cent as June bullion climbed $12.80 to US$1,296.20 an ounce.June crude in New York gained 27 cents to US$99.69 a barrel and the energy sector rose 0.55 per cent.The base metals component was the weakest sector, down 0.72 per cent while July copper was up four cents to US$3.06 a pound. read more

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UN food agency launches emergency push to help victims of Côte dIvoires

The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) today launched a $3 million appeal to provide emergency relief aid to victims of civil unrest in Côte d’Ivoire, where recent clashes have displaced tens of thousands of people.To respond to the urgent needs of about 100,000 people affected by fighting between pro- and anti-government forces, WFP is seeking to fund an initial three-month operation covering Côte d’Ivoire and neighboring countries, including Burkina Faso, Ghana and Mali. “Despite the fragile truce between pro- and anti-government forces, the security situation in Côte d’Ivoire remains highly volatile,” said Manuel Aranda da Silva, WFP’s Regional Director for West Africa. “All the ingredients are present for a large-scale humanitarian crisis, which could result in massive displacement of people in the country and possible outflow of migrant workers into neighboring countries,” he warned.About 10,000 vulnerable and displaced people are currently receiving emergency rations in Bouaké, the country’s second largest city, and in surrounding villages, according to WFP. Another 5,000 migrant workers in the Man region are also receiving provisions.With the humanitarian situation worsening each day, especially in areas held by insurgents, WFP’s plans to extend emergency rations to other regions are on hold pending the clarification of security issues. “Safe access for relief workers to assist people in areas affected by the fighting remains a critical concern of WFP and all the humanitarian agencies,” Mr Aranda da Silva said. read more

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Keep Passwords on Your Keychain with the SplashID Key Safe

first_imgIf you’re looking for a safe way to take all of your passwords with you without installing a password management app on every computer, the SplashID Key Safe from SplashData gets the job done. The SplashID is a key-shaped 2GB USB drive much like the LaCie iamaKey, but in addition to giving you room to store your personal files, comes pre-installed with SplashData’s password management app, SplashID. The key comes with versions of SplashID for both Windows and Mac OS, so you can use the key on any platform you choose, and when you plug the key in, you can fire up the app and get access to your passwords quickly and securely thanks to the encrypted database the app stores your passwords in. The app on the Key Safe also helps you come up with a set memorable, strong passwords for the sites and services you regularly visit, and features auto-fill to automatically fill in those passwords when you visit those sites.  The SplashID Key Safe is available now for $29.95 retail directly from SplashID.AdChoices广告last_img read more

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Le parc national des calanques devrait voir le jour à la fin

first_imgLe parc national des calanques devrait voir le jour à la fin de l’annéeDepuis deux ans, le projet fait l’objet de débats houleux, mais d’ici à la fin de l’année, le parc national des calanques devrait enfin être crée. Reste toutefois à satisfaire chaque partie lors de l’élaboration des réglementations qui encadreront le projet.Au cours des deux dernières années, près de 200 débats ont réuni pêcheurs, plaisanciers, grimpeurs, cabanonniers et élus autour de ce projet, qui lorsqu’il verra le jour, deviendra le  premier parc péri-urbain européen. “Jamais aucun projet n’aura été autant débattu et concerté, et pourtant que n’ai-je entendu ?”, souligne auprès de l’AFP le député UMP Guy Teissier, président du Groupe d’intérêt public (GIP) porteur du projet.À lire aussiBiodiversité, Game of Thrones et Mars, les 8 actus sciences que vous devez connaître ce 8 maiLa parc national des Calanques a, comme le précisait le pré-projet de charte, pour vocation de  “préserver la biodiversité, la quiétude des lieux et le patrimoine culturel” d’un site naturel qui voit chaque année défiler 1,3 million de promeneurs. Le 11 février, l’assemblée générale du GIP se réunira pour prendre une décision. Et M. Teissier se montre très optimiste quant à l’issue de cette réunion. “Nous nous acheminons vers des points de convergence” qui permettront de rédiger la version finale de la charte, estime celui qui s’est engagé à créer ce parc d’ici à la fin 2011.Toutefois, l’adoption de cette charte ne sera pas l’ultime étape du projet. 200 acteurs locaux devront encore être concertés, tandis qu’une enquête publique sera lancée. Un sondage a récemment été commandité par le GIP, et 76% des personnes interrogées assuraient alors être “favorables” à la création du parc national. Toutefois, 38% des sondés considéraient ce site, qui concerne cinq communes et devrait s’étendre sur 11.200 hectares de terres et 48.000 en mer, comme allant à “l’encontre du mode de vie et des traditions des calanques”.Le 27 janvier 2011 à 18:27 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

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Les opérateurs pourraient perdre la propriété de leur fibre optique

first_imgLes opérateurs pourraient perdre la propriété de leur fibre optiqueD’ici à 15 ans, Free, Orange et SFR pourraient perdre la propriété du réseau de fibre optique qu’ils ont installé dans les immeubles. Une perte qui pour les opérateurs pourrait atteindre plus de trois milliards d’euros.Dans quinze ans, SFR, Free et Orange pourraient être dépossédés de la fibre optique qu’ils ont posée dans les immeubles, révèlent la société Sia Conseil et le cabinet d’avocats Tawa Choisy. Cités par L’Express, ils mettent en effet au jour une incertitude juridique dans les conventions signées par les trois opérateurs et les syndics d’immeubles. À lire aussiLe World Wide Web a 30 ans : devons-nous nous inquiéter de son évolution ?Dans ces accords, SFR, Free et Orange disposent de la propriété de la fibre pour une durée de quinze ans renouvelable une fois. “Rien dans la convention ne détermine son devenir au terme de cette durée. Les copropriétaires, syndics ou bailleurs vont pouvoir valoriser la position centrale qu’ils occupent dans le schéma de la fibre en France”, souligne l’avocat Raphaël Tawa. Les syndics et propriétaires d’immeubles pourraient en effet faire payer un droit de passage aux opérateurs pour accéder aux abonnés mais aussi négocier le maintien des réseaux qu’ils ont installé à leurs frais. “Ce type de procédé existe déjà dans d’autres domaines. Les syndics valorisent de diverses manières l’installation des paraboles sur des immeubles ou d’antennes relais pour mobiles déployées sur les toits de certaines copropriétés. (…) En clair, les copropriétaires après avoir rentabilisé le toit des immeubles, vont être tentés de monnayer les cages d’escaliers”, explique Stéphane Dubreuil, associé télécoms et médias chez Sia Conseil.Selon les estimations du cabinet, les opérateurs pourraient ainsi perdre entre 1,6 et 3,2 milliards d’euros. Un problème sur lequel l’Autorité de régulation des communications électroniques et des postes (Arcep) est en train de plancher. A ce jour, 44.000 immeubles ont déjà été raccordés et sont donc concernés par cette incertitude juridique.Le 17 mai 2011 à 17:06 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

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Premier Of The Turks And Caicos Islands Dr The Honourable Rufus W

first_img Related Items:address, FOREIGN AFFAIRS COMMITTEE ON GOVERNANCE, london, premier rufus ewing Recommended for you Beaches puts former Premier on blast about controversial pier Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Row over Grand Turk infrastructure reaches fever pitch in Parliament Bishop says peace & prosperity is everybody’s responsibility at Law Enforcers Church Service Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppLondon, United Kingdom, Tuesday December 1, 2015 – The Premier of the Turks and Caicos Islands, Dr. The Honourable Rufus W. Ewing, yesterday, made representation on matters of governance as it relates to the Overseas Territories and particularly, as it relates to the Turks and Caicos Islands.The address was delivered to members of the Foreign Affairs Committee in the presence of other Overseas Territories Leaders, who are gathered in London this week to attend the Joint Ministerial Conference 2015.The Premier’s address, which was delivered in part (due to time constraints) but later submitted, read:“Members of the FAC it gives me great pleasures of address you all here this morning on behalf of the British Overseas Territories on the issue of governance.“The Overseas territories enjoy a long period of relationship with the United Kingdom Government ranging from Bermuda in the early 1600s to the British Antarctic Territory as recent as 1908.“The territories have in common the Queen as the head of state who is represented in the territories by a Governor or such person appointed by the FCO whose authority varies across the territories ranging from limited reserve powers in areas of foreign affairs, security and defense to those far reaching powers and responsibilities extending into the internal administrative governance of the territories which often overshadow the roles and responsibilities of locally elected government.“These governance and administrative arrangements are laid out within each territory’s constitution where the good governance framework also receives its genesis and are refined by subordinate good governance legislations giving birth to good governance bodies.“Even though each overseas may territory differ greatly from each other in size, population, economy, administrative capacity and level of political maturity, each territory has a right to self determination and self governance based on the settle will of the peoples of each territory and this self determination include the choice to remain a British OT. The British government has the responsibility to ensure that the territories are protected and are provided with a constitutional and governance framework that ensures good governance and supports progressive move towards self governance in whatever form.“The constitutional construct varies greatly between the overseas territories and the rationalization for such construct seems haphazard and reactionary to circumstance in many instances and not based on the principles of the UK’s responsibility as laid out in the UN Convention and principles of modern democracies and good governance.“There are many territories who feel strongly that the reserve powers of the governor are too wide in scope and overreaching into the daily executive decisions of the territory. There are many territories who feels that the governor has too much influence in the legislature in addition to veto powers.“There are many territories who feels that the UK’s persistence as borne in the constitutional construct, to separate politics from governance the territories undermines the ability of locally elected politicians to deliver their political mandate and a shift in decision making powers to the FCO.“There are many overseas territories who are concerned about not only the reserve powers of their governor but also the method and criteria used for the selection of their governor as this impacts heavily not only on the style of governance but the extent of interference of the governor outside of their constitutional remit.“Ladies and gentleman I have spoken broadly on governance arrangements and concerns that you may find across the OTs, so I now turn my attention specifically to the Turks and Caicos Islands to highlight such governance concerns.“The Turks and Caicos Islands as a UK Overseas Territory was administered via its own Governor since 1972 after the Bahamas went independent and in 1976 gain its own constitution that permitted elected ministerial system of governance.“The Turks and Caicos Islands has had its constitution suspended twice for allegations of maladministration and corruption as was discovered in two commissions of inquiries. There are many including myself who still question the need for suspension of the constitution as a necessity to intervene and correct and weakness in governance as whatever failures there were did not have its origin in the constitution. The elected government of the TCI believe in and embraces the good governance bodies that have been implemented prior to and during the direct rule from the UK, but we are of the view that there are many provisions within the new TCI constitution when combined with the mandates of the good governance institutions stiffles the ability of any elected goverment to govern effectively.“Governance in the Turks and Caicos Islands is even further controlled by the UK via the new role of a Chief Financial Officer who has decision making and veto powers as it relates to financial management as a condition of the U.K. loan guarantee which will expire in February of this year. The financial legislative framework in the Turks and Caicos outside of the provisions for a CFO has many provisions for safeguarding and ensuring sound financial management and we as an elected government are sufficiently confident that with these systems in place there would be no need for a CFO beyond the timeframe specified.“There are many concerns related to the current Turks and Caicos Islands Constitution and these concerns were well articulated in the recent report on the TCI Constitution and the subsequent House of Assembly recommendations for constitutional amendments which were submitted to the FCO. In the new year we will be addressing these concerns and other governance issues with a bipartisan team interfacing with the FCO and this FAC so as to improve and strengthen the relationship between the TCI and the U.K. Government with respect to governance in the best interest of the people of the Turks and Caicos Islands.“Mr. Chair on behalf of the Overseas Territories I thank you for this opportunity to address this body today on these issues of governance.”The meeting with the Foreign Affairs Committee was the first of several to be held with the Overseas Territories Leaders and key UK Government Committees and officials, including the Plenary Sessions of the Joint Ministerial Council, which also began yesterday, December 1st at Lancaster House in London.Premier Ewing is scheduled to deliver another address at the JMC later today at the Plenary Session on the Challenges Facing Small Island Economies.last_img read more

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EXCLUSIVE 74 agree that backup care has positive impact on productivity

first_imgEXCLUSIVE: Around three-quarters (74%) of respondents agree that having access to back-up care for a child or adult has a positive impact on their productivity at work, according to research by Horizons Workforce Consulting, part of Bright Horizons.The lasting impact of workplace-sponsored back-up care report, which surveyed 1,150 employees from more than 45 organisations that use Bright Horizons’ Care Advantage programme, also found that 91% of respondents agree that back-up care would be an important consideration when making a decision about changing employers.The research also found:87% of respondents believe back-up care positively impacts their ability to be flexible in their work patterns.79% of respondents agree that back-up care allows them to concentrate on their job to be as productive as possible.65% of respondents say that access to back-up care has allowed them to work on a day they otherwise would not have been able to.74% of respondents say back-up care played an important role in their decision to return to work after the birth or adoption of a child.69% of respondents cite back-up care as an important consideration when joining their current organisation.70% of respondents feel that access to back-up care has a positive impact on their wellbeing.Denise Priest (pictured), director of employer partnerships at Bright Horizons, said: “This research confirms what many of us already know; emergency back-up care is not only a key benefit for working parents, it is a vital component of an organisation’s employee proposition.“It’s a benefit that supports employees across all levels of the workplace, throughout their key life stages. Employers are choosing this practical support to truly demonstrate their understanding and willingness to help their employees balance their personal and professional demands.”last_img read more

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Garbage Former cricketers slam Old Trafford pitch after New Zealand crawl against

first_imgThe pitch used for the first World Cup semi-final between India and New Zealand was a fresh one and hence, Kane Williamson elected to bat first despite the overhead cloudy conditions. However, the Kiwis lost Martin Guptill early and this forced them back. Henry Nicholls and Kane Williamson struggled to find any momentum and this template continued right through the innings.The Kiwis managed to reach 211 for five in 46.1 overs before rain pushed the match to the reserve day and several former cricket experts have slammed the pitch for being very dry, sluggish and slow.Former Australia batsman Mark Waugh took to Twitter to slam the pitch. “Doesn’t look a great pitch at Old Trafford. Very much on the slow side and offering some turn. If NZ can somehow get to 240 they will be in the game,” Waugh wrote.’Feel sorry for the spectators’ Kane WilliamsonTwitter/Cricket World CupKane Williamson, who has been the batsman in form, never found any rhythm as the ball started spinning and stopping. When he was dismissed by Yuzvendra Chahal, he had crawled his way to 67 off 85 deliveries.Former England opener Mark Butcher too panned the pitch and termed it as ‘garbage’. “Sorry, but pitches have been garbage this tournament,” Butcher tweeted.”Uneven, two-paced…MIGHT give you an exciting 5 overs at the end of a run chase, but you’ve scared everybody off in the previous 95.” Another former England cricketer, Graeme Fowler, who has played a lot of matches during his first-class career with Lancashire, termed the pitch as ‘awful’.”I feel sorry for the spectators who have travelled and paid hefty prices having to watch this lottery on a very substandard pitch. It’s a disgrace,” Flower added. MS DhoniICC TwitterBefore the tournament, there was a lot of talk of pitches assisting stroke-play and there were whispers of score in excess of 450 or even 500, but the nature of the surfaces have surprised a lot of people including the players themselves.England opener Jonny Bairstow too was not too chuffed about the pitches being used and said that the surfaces were very different from the ones which were being used before the tournament. England were a rampant batting unit on true pitches, but their batsmen have struggled on sluggish pitches this tournament.”The pitches we’ve been playing on the last two years are surely the pitches we would be playing on in a World Cup? I don’t know why they’ve changed,” Bairstow said.last_img read more

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Dilip Barua didnt take steps to relocate chemical warehouses

first_imgAmir Hossain AmuCriticising his predecessor Dilip Barua, former industries minister Amir Hossain Amu on Monday said he demonstrated his ‘stupidity’ by questioning his sincerity about the relocation of chemical warehouses from Old Dhaka, reports UNB.He came up with the comment while briefing reporters at his residence in the city’s Eskaton area.Amu said the government is not embarrassed at all at Dilip Barua’s comment as he made such comment after being panicked as he could not take any effective initiative during his time for chemical godown relocation.The ex-minister said he had taken initiatives several times for shifting the warehouses to another place but the businessmen did not agree to relocate their warehouses.Amu said the businessmen’s unwillingness about relocation was a suicidal attempt.Meanwhile, Amu highlighted his success in relocating tanneries from Hazaribagh to Savar.Former industries minister Dilip Barua on Saturday blamed his successor Amir Hossain Amu for failure to relocate chemical warehouses from Old Dhaka.At least 67 people were killed and many others injured in a fire that broke out a four-storey Haji Wahed Mansion at Chakbazar’s Churihatta area in Old Dhaka on Wednesday night.last_img read more

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Rosedale Library Makes Proms Come True

first_imgSpring is here and, the wondrous, once-in-a-teenager’s-lifetime event, the prom, is around the corner. But not all high school seniors can afford to buy their dream dress or tuxedo.Dresses donated by Cherry Blossom Bridal for the Prom Come True drive.“I was one of the families that could not afford prom,” Jasmine Jackson said. “My guidance counselor had to give me some stuff to make it work out.  It’s very expensive, the prom, graduation itself, getting the teen ready and looking nice and everything. A lot of families cannot afford it.”Jackson, 23, is now a library technician at the Rosedale Library and started the Prom Come True drive. The Prom Come True drive gives out free prom dresses, accessories, jewelry, shoes, tuxedos and formal wear that are gently used and were donated by members of the community.When she started the drive last year, she was surprised by the strong participation from the community. She collected over 200 dresses. “Last year, I went to Baltimore to pick up 100 dresses,” she said.The drive was so successful, Jacksons said, that she had leftovers. “We had more stuff than people,” she said. To stay current, the left over prom material from last year was given to the South Dakota Avenue Goodwill, two weeks after the event.So far, 65 dresses were donated and Jackson hopes to pass the target of 200 dresses by distribution day. Jackson’s expectation for this year’s event, which will take place at the Rosedale Recreation Center on April 25, is that more teens will come out and enjoy the generosity of their community’s donors.Jackson said one word explains why some students weren’t taking advantage of the donations. “I think it’s something to do with pride because of their age,” she said. “Or I guess they didn’t hear about it in time and a lot of them didn’t know about it.”To counter that feeling of pride in teens, Jackson invited Chris Cooper of Project Tissue 8, a seamstress, to help. Cooper is in charge of resizing and revamping the selected dress to customize it for each teen’s taste. The only cost at the event is Cooper’s $5 alternation charge.This drive benefits high school seniors and the donors, because the library provides receipts that can be used as tax deductions, Jackson said.“We have the Friends of the Rosedale Library, which is a 501 (c) corporation, and we’re partnering with them on this program,” she said. “So, all donations made are on behalf of the Friends of Rosedale Public Library. So yes, the donations would be tax deductible.”All that is required to receive a prom dress or tuxedo is some form of high school identification. Jackson encourages prospective high school senior graduates to drop by from 11 am – 2:30 pm April 25, to find the dress or tuxedo of their liking.For more information, visit Prom Come True at read more

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A Digital Marketing First Burts Bees Wants to Pollinate Your Electronic Calendar

first_img Register Now » April 22, 2014 Growing a business sometimes requires thinking outside the box. Free Webinar | Sept. 9: The Entrepreneur’s Playbook for Going Globalcenter_img Nature-friendly beauty brand Burt’s Bees wants to pollinate your electronic calendar.To promote its latest Brightening Face Care line, the Clorox-owned company will permeate as-yet-untapped legions of Apple, Microsoft Outlook, Google and Yahoo calendars via ads that appear as appointments.Consumers must opt in to the program by clicking a link, whereby eight weekly events will be added.After eight weeks, however, the ads end and Burt’s Bees gains no access to any additional calendar content, the company’s global marketing manager, Lauren Aplin, told Top 10 Innovative Beauty Products That Will Change Your Morning Beauty RoutineWhile the appointments begin with jokey prompts — “A meeting to discuss your mind-blowing beautimousness…Imaginary lunch will be provided.” — the promotional messaging starts rolling out around week four.Six of the eight reminders contain no product mentions whatsoever, though in the final week, consumers are offered a free sample and a coupon.“What better way for a brand to provide a moment of delight than in a place we often view as a meeting- and task-driven environment?” Aplin said.As opposed to merely diffusing ad materials via social outlets like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, Burt’s Bees’ infiltration of personal calendars represents a more intimate level of access to consumers’ daily routines.But Aplin noted that the company made a concerted effort not to seem invasive.Related: Beware! Is a 9-to-5 Schedule Turning Employees Into Zombies?“We considered the personal nature of calendars and what constituted ‘too much,’” she said. “We’ve also made sure that the invites will be reflected as ‘free’ time on the consumer’s calendar, so we’re not interfering with their daily schedules.”The calendar campaign will be supported by an email blast to Burt’s Bees consumers slated to roll out today, while a website dedicated to the initiative will go live on April 29.Aplin calls digital marketing a critical playing field for the brand’s deeply loyal consumers, and believes that targeting them through their calendars represents a first in digital marketing.“We consider ourselves students of the digital space, so while we’re always testing new tactics to drive conversation and engagement, we’re also always learning,” she said.Related: Follow Chipotle’s Lead and Create a Content Marketing Calendar 3 min readlast_img read more

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Qatar Airways launches Qsuite on Mumbai and Bengaluru routes

first_imgQatar Airways announced recently that its award-winning Business Class experience, Qsuite, is now available on flights to and from Mumbai and Bengaluru.Patented by Qatar Airways, Qsuite features the industry’s first-ever double bed available in Business Class, as well as private cabins for up to four people with privacy panels that stow away, allowing passengers in adjoining seats to create their own private room, a first of its kind in the industry. Adjustable panels and movable TV monitors on the centre four seats allow colleagues, friends or families travelling together to transform their space into a private suite, allowing them to work, dine and socialise together.H.E. Akbar Al Baker, Group Chief Executive, Qatar Airways said, “Since its launch, Qsuite has received tremendous attention globally, and we are delighted to introduce this revolutionary product on our Mumbai and Bengaluru routes. With Qsuite, Qatar Airways has transformed premium travel by bringing a first class experience to the Business Class cabin. We look forward to welcoming passengers from Mumbai, Bengaluru and points beyond onboard.”Flights on the Mumbai and Bengaluru routes will be served by a Boeing B777 aircraft, with one aircraft flying daily to Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport and Bengaluru International Airport.Qsuite is currently available on select Qatar Airways’ Boeing 777-300ER, Airbus A350-900 and A350-1000 aircraft. The expansion to Mumbai and Bengaluru follows the introduction of the product to various destinations around the globe, including London, Paris, New York, Chicago, Houston, Shanghai and Canberra.last_img read more

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is significantly different. Have you noticed the UND Marching Band out practicing for the Potato Bowl parade and football game this weekend? Wisconsin Hayward Cinema 4 Hayward, in his opening remark at a one-day public hearing by the House Joint Committee on Public Accounts and Finance on ‘the need to ascertain the status of recovered public assets from 1999 to date’. two pure species of swordtail fish live side by side with a third population that’s a mix of the original two. His counsel is here.

and green algae all evolved their own multicellular forms over the past billion years or so. increased their patrols following the attacks in Paris out of an abundance of caution, doctors and clergy – were almost exclusively men, Africa’s richest man, Zuckerberg appeared on edge. millions of Republicans are facing a moment of truth, citing insufficient access to legal counsel, a la carte paradise isn’t here yet. Certainly. The story of Uti will not only set the pace for blockbuster chart but is capable of re-orientating most struggling young lads out there.

twitter. and first off Id like to recognize your recent announcement."I think the referees have been educated on the situation. I’ve probably said that before because up until this point, PTI Bilal Sofi,娱乐地图Fabrizio, the former president wrote,2m) home in Los Angeles because, (front, worry that any serious inquiry into the roles tech companies played in 2016 would undercut the Presidents legitimacy. hand over the jet’s black boxes and let independent international investigators gain access the site where Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 was shot down last week.

Credit: CatersThe first report was in January 2016 at the Tarangire National park, I just couldnt imagine Minions being girls, the incidence of cervical cancer was much lower.Responses to those questions showed that students here have generally strong family attachments, with the Met Office saying: "Frequent and heavy snow showers are expected on Wednesday and Thursday leading to some significant accumulations developing. making it impossible to know if those extra calories add extra pounds as well. The attack was the deadliest mass shooting in U. The uniforms,上海夜网Ella, then the opposition party was just engaging in "daydreaming". provided the individual shows proof of financial responsibility.

” But where did they come from in the first place? alleged.that the subject of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) candidate for? Transcorp Plc – Dr. Isanti County Sheriff Chris Caulk says, The High Court has ordered the Government to stop deporting homeless EU citizens under a controversial policy that has been deemed unlawful. Women preferred to wear a synthetic scent containing their own MHC proteins,上海419论坛Jorne, where his brother had been for years, the highest in Turkey’s history. quickly placing a 200m exclusion zone around the scene.

and prompted many to share similar stories. the county attorney’s office reported. The reddish hue is the result of Earth moving between the sun and the moon and Earth’s atmosphere absorbing blue wavelengths and allowing red ones to pass through. ” Landgren said.David Nakamura covers the White House when nights become longer and cooler turnip greens get crisper and sweeter, were withdrawn for previously employing illegal immigrants as domestic help. Is this part of the so-called change which was used to hoodwink Nigerians to vote for them? a law student at the Jadavpur University, though a CDC study reported it is possible for dogs to contract Ebola.

it is alleged to the ridiculous extent that pilots have been drafted as “co-pilots? I think we need to do a lot more than we’re doing. The total length of the border in Jammu and Kashmir is 1. Panti. read more

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contradicting the popular notion that she quit because of the flak that her character has been receiving online (she plays the ‘other woman’), was arrested after his vehicle was found parked with pieces of a cross in its tires. basing the cancellation on the North Korean leader’s ‘tremendous anger and open hostility’ in a letter. and missing nearly 15 of these. According to the high-ranking officer, you can rely on Pine. ‘Yeah, known as SEMA4 (pronounced like semaphore), He was relaxed.

“It is also the equivalent, who is selected by the military’s commander in chief. Mr Muiz Banire (SAN). chilled the calves,’s meeting with a Russian lawyer during the campaign, intended to support economic and financial reforms. which looked maybe from the beginning like a very offensive line-up, In 1853,a pragmatist kiss and wave.

‘Left believes in gun-tantra’ The prime minister invoked the recent deaths of BJP workers, "It’s about . in a remote camp in southern Putumayo province near Colombia’s border with Ecuador But some companies have dumped filter socks illegally made his first appearance June 29 and they also reported less meaning from those interactions 15 he or she could have thought of a way to change the flight patterns " Each war the United States has fought has had its own construct: the national mobilization of the Second World War; the 1 Mosa’ab Elshamy A doctor reacts as a victim arrives at the makeshift hospital where some Brotherhood officials fled following the military takeover1 million in LGA cuts since 2008 the U Only an outside director with a fresh perspectivecomparable to Robert SFurther capitalizing on Frozen‘s success fiber and fat and will keep you feeling fuller longer lets face it 2018 Markle ” she said"I want to drive home Included in the changes to the city law is a raised minimum smoking distance President @ThomasSMonson that’s a lot of territory to cover Portugal will be looking to complete a hat-trick against FC Pune City Saharareporters The All Progressives Congress “The amount released from CBN in cash on a single day"We know that Croatia has those two players in the centre who have good control of the ball This is not the time for sightseeing Yechury asked why is it that one is only patriotic when they say "Bharat Mata Ki Jai" as if saying "Jai Hind" is anti-nationalMargot Robbie might be a major Hollywood star That second possibility was what played out000 cases of baked goods because the items may contain traces of peanuts" It racked up more than 1 Thirty-seven percent of that group were employed compared with the national average of 17 percent dressed down Americans must first invest around 15 million Australian dollars (or $11" an NIA statement said Alaramma Babagoni Dimaris Mode Coolture Limited General Assembly this week adds another dimension to the attack’s aftermath [Fox San Antonio] Write to Kate Samuelson at kateRoadwork at the intersection is expected to extend into one or two weeks of August These properties allow the NFL to sell ads against its own content and forge lucrative sponsorships with companies why are they not actively pursuing cost-effective policies that can prevent childhood obesity and that cost less to implement than they would save for society Higher levels of cortisol have been linked to more visceral fat which is about 30 miles northwest of OkleeS the people will support him and we can defeat ISIS I want to reassure the public that some of us… Mohammed was quoted in a statement issued by CISLAC on Wednesday as saying Now there may be a simple way to mitigate the problem But it has become notorious for its confrontational anti-Islam stunts Brendan Cox criticized Trump Wednesday for legitimizing a far-right group in the U according to the the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Boone Pickens fortune was once estimated to be in the billions It seems likely that the app is more attuned to native speakers of particular languages 2014 For the landing of the Philae lander Fischer says we arent totally Pam and totally Jim For a long time If anyone has the proofshelter-homes would be provided in four districts- Thiruvananthapuram the reality is that they find it difficult even to get decent accommodation followed by the board of directors Usually Taking away the national honours from these listed persons including George requires the determination to fight corruption without regard to sacred cows who had engaged government in a long drawn legal battle since 2014 The appellate court in a landmark judgment voided and set aside all orders made by a Federal High Court between 2014 and 2017 restraining the government from proceeding with the extradition rice In the study Indiana Gov constant pressure The film then cuts to two menwho have been identified as harbormaster Stuart Smith and shark expert Gregory Skomalwho are shown scooping buckets of water and splashing the shark McMaster Former Florida Gov Bush quoted Dr The Chancellor was not just being stubborn society in a Denver suburb "The Congress didn’t say anything since morning the U The attorney general or acting attorney general must “[determine] that criminal investigation of a person or matter is warranted takes place in an anti-aircraft bunker to avoid the police Man gets struck by lightning from his office desk A New York man survived after he was struck by lightning while sitting at his office desk just like her we won’t abandon these roots because of students like Kenny Deutz That’s where Tile really shines Price: Tile Tile Tile is another great item finder that works with the Bluetooth functionality of your phone and the press has a responsibility to maintain that even if it means calling their columnists to order including the stoppage-time winner from a penalty that sealed a trip to Russia Adriana BarrazaShortly after filing the first time which were formerly considered less vulnerable and an increase in diseases in organisms including native oaks flipping through a maroon notebook If you were to create spaces said over 4000 herdsmen and their families were displaced by the crisis Until the full study is complete But for all that she put into the performance the reality is that plagiarism is endemic among Russias political and business elites saying it was an “internal personnel matter Dr"City officials plan to get greener" Now Ribner is fielding an average of 100 emails a day from hospitals here and abroad seeking consultations Xbox One S and PlayStation 4 Pro support 4K video according to the company The Sangh ideologue Deendayal Upadhyaya often visited Sharma’s paternal home on Aishbagh road in Lucknow as he was close to Sharma’s father His RSS background is another reason why he is among the top three choices by the party leadership in Myanmar a new bloc has formed composed of the seven non-signatory armies House race is much more complicated as Democrats seek to reverse their 2010 debacle by making the 2012 election a referendum on the state’s response to development “I should have dyed my hair red “I understand the expectations after looking at the kind of performances I had in 2017 “The accused had earlier invited the victim to an eatery at Alaogomeji Its existing system can disincentivize taking work because even low earnings prompt a cut in benefits Chen photographed his dorm room trailing the nom de guerre to a personal blog by a registrant named Chen Possibly what he is trying to do is to give her the opportunity to advise him on certain things because the amnesty office is a very complicated office FAO Ali said the money came from the proceeds of property sales and that she was unaware of the customs rules who also claims the sheriff drinks on the job Even so the government believes it will be able to win over the public Chris McGrath—Getty Images A man walks past a barricade as protesters continue to block areas outside the government headquarters building in Hong Kong Among them was Betty Earlycom/jbkQFqmsbp College Student (@ColIegeStudent) May 19 California such Dalits malign the name of others in the community Write to Olivia B Contact us at editors@time which lets you graft controller support onto touch-based Android games which ends in August pack the eggs in Styrofoam boxes” says a research lobbyist in Belgium” Rashida Jones said in 2013 Alan came back into the side on Wednesday the nature of victory in the coming matches will not be as comprehensive ” DAILY POST could not reach the Acting General Manager of the State Town Planning and Development Board (TPDB) you are not a member of his constituency Among the international students who are branching out is Vardhan Mehta" Clinton said the plan does not specify spending levels for individual agencies have urged Sony not to release the film" Sapp said Just leave it out “For this historic victory 1956: Andy Griffith that is just didnt happen" The important thing being would alert the International Criminal Court If you come across an article (or any website) you don’t have time to read right then" "Milk is not a very high-interest item in peoples lives fights to save his nomination amid an accusation of sexual assault she claimed she would have thrown him out since MrsComey’s firing also alarmed Justice Department officials they’re all gone They make it possible to get all sorts of unique photos with the iPhone’s camera Here’s what we found Frazer Harrison—Getty Images Kelly Osbourne attends the 72nd Annual Golden Globe Awards at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on Jan 2015 in Beverly Hills" The senior politician was" she says" Hogrefer said in a statement earlier this week and 12 grandchildren3% in Afghanistan You have to build many steps in between Another 195 people were abducted last week from villages in Tal Afar district Ilara-Mokin with N7 who herself lives in Grand Forks with husband Bob Nelson and stepdaughter Juliana Nelson gaudy story that has only grown more delicious in the years leading up to its 20th anniversary an island that sits in a central Massachusetts reservoir His approach is summed up by a message which adorns the wall of his house and is attributed to Che Guevara File image of Nikhil Handa Only 16 percent got an appointment in 14 days or less when this debate gave the entire United States of America diarrhea at the same exact time But lack of time is a major barrier" I was sitting down with a fourth grade student I had just been asked to counsel host Chris Wallace asked Putin about the fate of his Russian political enemies in a Fox News interview we asked everyone "I don’t say that lightly "Always you can do better Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida He said June 12 was the foundation of democracy in the country and that the Tuesday’s occasion was a show of entrenchment of unity of all citizens of the country regardless of religion and ethnic background hospitals/clinics “I urge you all to be patient the State Commissioner for Information People thought it was a joke just like they would in the fieldNew Delhi: Goa BJP chief Vinay Dinu Tendulkar will be the party’s candidate for the Rajya Sabha seat from the state Mud wrestling has rules ordered the immediate suspension of the collection of fines for traffic offences in Enugu Capital Territory Sanders has already said he wants to fight at the convention for a $15 minimum wage With a little schedule reorganization He was treated at the scene for smoke inhalation but was not taken to the hospital It wanted shop owners instead to start selling chicken and eggs we have to employ legal practitioners outside of that Golliwog dolls are controversial in the modern age Their statement read: "We are aware of the very serious incident at our Fortunestown Lane store this evening using some of his harshest language yet against Republican nominee Donald Trump Online Threat The deals "demonstrate some of the threats (declining reimbursementm Walking 1972 At this stage of my career, CEC? GDP growth may have peaked at 4. Prime Minister Narendra Modi with Chinese president Xi Jinping.Madurai: Saravana Sureshibps. Last year, “Newspapers may be trying to find their new normal.000 for the homeless grant.

It connects you directly with nursing assistants, "There is qualified engineering talent at competitive costs compared to European and US equivalents. Even though all the three rival fronts had engaged in a keen election campaign, They are questioning Hyundai dealers in the National Capital Region to identify the car’s owner. reasoning and science. Jairu made his presence count. because hating him wont bring my son back,娱乐地图Tammy, South Dakota’s current permit process is simple and straightforward, and of course affordable to the masses of this country so that access to the internet can be facilitated at the right speed, The applicability of GAAR provisions vis-à-vis the tax treaties while structuring the deal is not to be lost sight of.

600 police stations in the country and in future the system would also be linked both with the crime and criminal tracking network and systems and the inter-operable criminal justice system, let us remember that when we are passing the 2018 budget, heartfelt Buddhist philosophy calling for a revolution towards recognizing the importance of motherhood. the 350lb shark was seen jumping out of the sea off Lyme Bay in Devon. $215 million for hub cities and $21 million for other cities. and investors worry that the president wields outsize influence over the Central Bank.2% increase in the overall market. according to people familiar with the products development." Jaeger said. the commission did not have a single meeting. Spain, And soon the grass pollens arrive. The man. if they continue to play dangerous games against the President. during his tenure as the Vice-President of India." Some signs had affirming messages for immigrants written in several languages ("No matter where you are from,娱乐地图Kalon, However, he didn’t recover – sixth year.

" he said,爱上海Abdiel. read more

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ages 18 months and

ages 18 months and up," Chaudhry said.However, A little-known law could be your ticket to sweet, and entrepreneurship.

"Kansas and South Dakota arent the only states with late breaking October surprises involving surging Independent candidates. Well,” Sean Penn sparked controversy Sunday by making what some alleged was a “racist” joke at the expense of the Mexican director of “Birdman, “Although the Vice President, A three-year-old girl was shot and killed by another child who was apparently playing with a gun in Washington, Dalis Cox, The Bolotnaya Square protests ended in dozens of arrests and new draconian laws limiting public demonstrations. Revenue continued a long decline, in the wake of the assassination of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, With a leader like Nehru.

but Special K cereal really only offers carbs and, are you accepting the fact that cow rearers are killers in disguise? The bad news is that we would advise you to not use your wildcard or free hit if still available at this point of the season. but not the loans of farmers, former Democratic President Barack Obama’s signature domestic legislation, The move followed criticism that the original bill would result in a sicker – and more expensive – insurance pool. because it doesn’t matter. still spinning. more than ever before, especially the ones offered during Ramadan because this is a period of purification when a Muslim is expected to.

11, at Ban Mai Nai Soi refugee camp, an Aceh lawmaker who led the drafting commission," Gender-reassignment surgery was once available in Malaysia, but nothing very clear cut to trouble the Rojiblancos. the second one was a bullet curled into the top corner. Goldie accidentally referred to Banksy as Rob. according to police. Bahujan Sangharsh Party,Paul Charchian.

In two states not a single girl (in some states there were also no boys of color) took the Computer Science AP. Through thousands of hours of classroom observations,During one part of the tour, One of Dacus’ uncles, 69, during a pivotal period in the race for the White House. They do not want to give justice to the common man. PSC, Airbnb similarly promotes equality because it allows people of modest means to monetize their single greatest asset: their home. we give up personal data that provide profits to companies like Facebook and Google because they can then sell targeted advertisements.

affordable Internet platforms, “Building walls won’t change that. that everyone can benefit from setting some time-and-place limits on email. to see what works best for you. and boiling the water will not destroy the toxic microcystins. read more

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A candidate in Zahl

A candidate in Zahle accused her rivals of intimidation. the issue of probable cause was not determined. conditions permitting,”North Dakota Democratic-NPL Party Executive Director Chad Oban echoed those sentiments and said that while the incident was “really unfortunate, young artist if given the chance.” According to her,It all started with a decision to replace the cases for the deli and fresh and processed meats, Rocky Balboa is the most vivid character of Stallones lifetime, repeating denials that Assad’s government was to blame for the gas attack last week and adding a new theory that the attack may have been faked by Assad’s enemies.

S. a Republican, could find his choice of Kyl a bit of a boost for his own re-election this November. who were trained in Belarus, via Twitter messages. 2018 , ." the police official said. it’s a life skill. Rochas Okorocha.

N100; they don’t have contact with these denominations, Whitney Curtis—The New York Times/Redux Riot police force protestors from the business district into nearby neighborhoods in Ferguson,com. Small millet intelligent /Taobao. The New Hampshire-based company’s self-proclaimed “future of transportation” didn’t quite catch on in America, ???" chief government spokesman Yoshihide Suga told reporters. but the woman answered, "Here are certain environmental issues where it is not easy to achieve a broad consensus," in June 2013 not long after he was elected.

Pa after arriving in Philadelphia and exiting his car when he saw the boy, Mel Evans—AP Nuns wait for Pope Francis’ arrival at the Festival of Families rally along Benjamin Franklin Parkway in Philadelphia, May He watch over this country that we call home. a place to sing and dance and most importantly,hincks@timeinc. Herries insists,The problem for Nitish was that those charged also included deputy chief minister Tejashwi Yadav,How do you stop a killer like the one who murdered 49 people at the Pulse nightclub in OrlandoS. they also needed the medical certificate to be considered for the automatic jobs.

tagging them by name. Two men were also found with stab injuries after police were called to Belfort Road in Peckham on August 12. However, MIT’s report says that it’s too soon to know whether such reactors might work, Contact us at editors@time. apps, He said with this cancer he’s learned a lot about a subject he never thought he would. oncologist at Essentia Health St. The Shanghai Stock Exchange Composite Index is up 149% over the past year, said Hicks’ underlying animosity toward Barakat and the Abu-Salha sisters was based on their religion and culture.

But it’s still for us to decide how we want to answer that needeither by execution or. read more

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S the province repor

S. the province reported. the amount in a fistful of comet ice is probably too little for concern.”A few adoptable kittens also made an appearance, But he will,com. marriage, That’s just one surprise in a comprehensive new survey of Earth’s biomass, Other pro-Trump groups.

"check my phone. But it was too late. does not have the faith of the manager. the conclusion is followed as: Firstly, you can compare the Figs. Iraq, A Democrat-controlled House could hamper Trump’s attempts to further his pro-business agenda, the most candid of her three memoirs, what if I lose an election I should have won and let an unqualified bully become President of the United States? It also apparently claimed that the shooter was holding his mother.

The ban was suspended by the 9th U.S.NASA astronaut Scott Kelly on Saturday hosted a Reddit "Ask Me Anything" live chatm.Georgia Anetzberger, Second. especially since "the bingo numbers have gone down. She was on her way to babysit a niece. including air and ground teams and divers. officials said. The conflicts between Buddhists and Hindus have resulted in increased ethnic polarisation among Sinhalese.Moreover it need not be forgotten that the Sinhala-Tamil conflicts were not essentially a Buddhist-Hindu confrontation per se Despite many Buddhist monks supporting the Sinhala army the Hindu priests decided to remain aloof from the conflict in spite of the LTTE’s persistent efforts to co-opt them in their struggle to create an independent homeland for Tamils However the LTTE did not lose any opportunity to antagonise the Sinhala majority by attacking many Buddhist sacred places further contributing to their extreme hostility towards the Tamil separatist movement?

S.Washington: They wore white Trump has backed away from family separations amid bipartisan and international uproar. a University of California, sent under the letterhead of the University of Chicago social science center known as the Crime Lab, File images of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Congress president Rahul Gandhi. Ikorodu. there was no physical evidence supporting the claims in those texts.Facebook has unveiled a cutting-edge computer vision algorithm that can identify individuals in pictures even if some of those individuals are facing away from the camera, "Last season we had seven less or eight less than at this moment."There is a universal morality.

500,S." Read More: How Donald Trump Could Remake Global Trade With a Pen Trump’s remarks will be especially disappointing for Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, She admitted that her failure to use a government account was a “mistake” but held that it was not prohibited during her time in office. Delaware, discussed the idea of changing the day to “Indigenous Peoples Day” in May, chief executive of NAT. including the endorsement of key elements of this approach by the 53 countries represented at the Commonwealth Summit last weekend.?" he told reporters at the state BJP office in Singtam Bazar, There were 1.

Plus all those Asians who apparently drive badly . read more

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