Xining yellow car ahead of the introduction of the highest subsidy subsidy 18000 yuan

The reporter learned from Xining Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, to further improve the atmospheric environment, reduce vehicle exhaust pollution, this year Xining plans to encourage the elimination of yellow cars and older vehicles 8000, as of now obsolete 3500 vehicles. At present, Xining in 2015 ahead of the elimination of the yellow car subsidy policy released, all types of car subsidies ranging from 5000 yuan to 18000 yuan.

– Freight subsidy standards: heavy subsidy per 18000 yuan subsidy per 13000 yuan; medium; light subsidy per 9000 yuan subsidy per 6000 yuan; miniature;

– bus subsidy standards: a large subsidy per 18000 yuan subsidy per 11000 yuan; medium; small (excluding cars) subsidy per 8000 yuan; miniature (excluding cars) subsidy per 6000 yuan;

– car subsidy standards: displacement of 1.35 liters and above subsidy per 16000 yuan; 1 liters (excluding) to 1.35 liters (excluding) subsidy per 10000 yuan; 1 liters per 6000 yuan subsidy.

– in addition, yellow car has more than 5 years of age in advance eliminated or no use of life non operating small and micro passenger car yellow car out, on the basis of subsidies on each increase of 5000 yuan.

specific subsidy application process for the yellow car in advance: the owner will be scrapped, made "scrap auto recycling certificate" issued by the "motor vehicle and vehicle registration certificate", to the Xining yellow car out in advance of the subsidy payment window to receive fill in the "2015 Xining city yellow car early elimination of subsidies and for the application form" subsidy application procedures.
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Xining City the next two years to implement the relocation of 108 villages to help the poor

Xining will raise 2 billion 572 million yuan, the next two years in Huangzhong, Huangyuan and Datong three counties in the mountains, blocking traffic, such as the implementation of 108 village doctor education very difficult to resettle, resettlement of 13238 households, 53706 people in poverty. This year, the relocation of 43 villages, in 2015 the relocation of 65 villages. Through the relocation of poverty relief, so that the poor people out of the mountains, as soon as possible to embark on the road to poverty. read more

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The snow leopard Prince in Xining Premiere

meet in June in Xining, meet in a cool and pleasant. The evening of June 16th, Western Xining performing arts center, a feeling of applause, funded by the national endowment for the arts project in 2015 — large vaudeville drama "Snow Leopard" Prince here shocking debut. The provincial Party committee, propaganda minister Zhang Ximing, Provincial Standing Committee of provincial Party committee, Secretary General Wang Yubo, deputy director of the provincial people’s Congress Su Ning, vice governor Cheng Lihua, the provincial CPPCC Vice Chairman Ji Renfeng and the community together to watch the vaudeville feast this have great originality. read more

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Xining environmental comprehensive treatment projects included in the world bank loan project planni

In August 10th the reporter learned from the provincial development and Reform Commission, recently, approved by the State Council, the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of finance will be included in the comprehensive management of the Qinghai Xining environment project of world bank loan project planning alternative fiscal year 2013-2015. The total investment of 1 billion 530 million yuan, of which the world bank loan of $150 million (equivalent to approximately RMB 930 million yuan), the domestic matching funds of $600 million. The construction of the project includes the reuse of reclaimed water, sewage treatment and sludge harmless treatment and resource utilization, sewage interception and sewage disposal, river bank environment regulation, channel management and so on. read more

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Xining police cracked a large sale of counterfeit registered trademark goods case

  in November 26th, the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau of Economic Investigation Detachment cracked a large sale of counterfeit trademark goods case, seized fake "Moutai", "Guo Jiao 1573" and "Wuliangye" and "Wuliangye spring", "Jiannanchun", "the Yanghe River blue classic" and other well-known trademarks of liquor more than 60 pieces of a total of more than 400 bottles, the preliminary estimate involving up to 15 yuan.

preliminary police investigation, since May this year, Lin suspects from Nanjing and other places to buy inferior wine is placed counterfeit Wuliangye and other high-end wine more than 100 pieces, in the city of Xining big sales, profit from illegal. Xining City Public Security Bureau of Economic Investigation Detachment force through Mopai visits and careful investigation on the early morning of November 26th, a lot of trees in the eastern area of Xining city residents of the building will be a Xiang Lin suspects arrested. It is understood that this year, the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau of Economic Investigation Detachment has uncovered counterfeit trademark cases involving well-known trademark liquor, more than 10 species, amounting to more than 20 yuan. read more

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The first electric car challenge perfect ending

June 12th, after the parade in Xining, Kumbum Monastery parade, the central square performances and two days after the Qinghai Lake game, the first round of Qinghai Lake (International) electric car challenge perfect ending. In the afternoon, the Organizing Committee announced the 14 awards of the tournament, which Beiqi electric car dominate the award of the 7, BYD electric cars gains of the award of the 7.

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2015 rural small and micro enterprises reached 23 7

rural electricity supplier business has gradually entered thousands of households, for farmers to bring new business options. Now the Ministry of agriculture is also encouraging the majority of farmers to integrate the Internet model, so that the development of agricultural reform.

1 13, according to the latest data released by the Ministry of agriculture show that in 2015 China’s home business farmers founded Small and micro businesses 23.7, agricultural products processing enterprises 45.5, leisure agriculture in various types of business entities 180, farmer cooperatives amounted to 147.9, farmer entrepreneurship and innovation is a good development trend. read more

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Eye power vision rehabilitation how entrepreneurial worry

in our lives, for the protection of the eyes, has been very important. Have eye dynamic eyesight rehabilitation? Quality projects, successful business, is also very worthy of trust. Entrepreneurs choose to join the eye power vision rehabilitation project, the market has unlimited business opportunities!

vision rehabilitation project what? Already eye is a dynamic visual rehabilitation is a good choice, eye dynamic visual rehabilitation is a professional treatment of visual organization, trust in the market by the vast number of consumers will have the support and trust, has power eye acupoints rehabilitation technology originality, no injections, no medicine, every time only 6 minutes, 7 days 1-2 for visual rehabilitation. Eye power vision rehabilitation use of health and safety treatment technology, so that children are no longer troubled by myopia. read more

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Double 11 shopping consumer warning Henan industry and Commerce Bureau to remind you

"double 11" as everyone shopping competition the prime time, many consumers in the early time, it has put things into their shopping cart. November 9th, the provincial Trade and Industry Bureau 12315 command center issued a double 11 shopping consumer alert to remind consumers not to blindly, impulse consumption, must be based on their own needs scientific and rational shopping. "Double 11" period, businesses have launched promotions to attract consumers to price, discount, full cut, gifts and prizes, but some businesses will first raise commodity price and then discount price hikes, caused by the illusion, consumers must keep their eyes open, put anti price maoerni. read more

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Fairy tale children’s clothing franchisee can get what proxy

fairy tale children’s clothing franchise business if you get the right to get the operating authority? If you are interested in this project, you can contact the headquarters, we hope to get you more wealth market, if you want to cooperate with us, then hurry up.


fairy tale is a children’s clothing wholesale clothing? Is the trend, fashion wealth source. How do children park children’s clothes? 6 yuan good goods show the trend of the wind, children’s clothing, shoes, bags, children’s socks, children six plate ornaments, children’s bags, dozens of sets of lines, tens of thousands of items to meet the parents comprehensive one-stop shopping needs. The fairy tale paradise’s price 6 yuan to sell, even 0.5 yuan price, the sale, as low as 90 percent off! How children’s fairy tale? By adults and children will not be missed, not into the empty handed, so the fire read more

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How to open the children’s home textile store innovation decision development

children are innocent and lively, give children something to have more fun, so as to attract the attention of children. How to open children’s home textile shop? Need to pay attention to what matters? Are you thinking about these issues? Children’s home textile shop, store design to be innovative.

how to open the children’s home textiles shop? Compared with the adult type of textile design, children’s textile products should be more abundant, the plane pattern and exaggerated three-dimensional combination will make the products full of innocence. However, recently, the reporter found in the survey of children’s home textile products, children’s home textile design on the market, although there are innovative, but also only reflected in the style and techniques, material design is still very simple. read more

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Hu Lin eighty thousand yuan to open a home paper business to do fire


said the paper folded into a rose, which is a lot of people seem to be a novelty, and may also be met on a few people, but few people will take this as a cause to operate. The protagonist of this article on the creation of such a precedent, invested eighty thousand yuan to open a paper shop, business is very prosperous oh.

is an ordinary paper, fell to the hands of Hu Lin, can become lovely paper crafts. In order to deal with every day and the art of origami, she gave up the stable white-collar work, open a small zhifang. "I can fold what I like every day, and I feel like I’ve never had a free life." read more

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A5 webmaster network first phase Taobao Tmall operations training enrollment

course overview

why do Taobao


1, low cost, low risk. Shop rent and decoration is getting higher and higher, but the business is getting worse, and open a C shop basic investment only 2000 yuan.

2, big platform, big future. Currently Taobao has 300 million online shopping crowd, more and more people choose to shop online, by the end of 2012, Ma and Wang Jianlin billion bet, electricity supplier in China after more than half of the retail market in 10 years. The shop is making a good channel. read more

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National Day holiday travel Fujian tourists 21 million 246 thousand and 400

with the great improvement of material living standards, people have gradually increased the investment in spiritual life, tourism has become one of the basic needs of life. Fujian Provincial Tourism Bureau 7 evening released statistics, National Day Golden Week 7 days, Fujian received a total of more than 21 million 246 thousand and 400 tourists at home and abroad, an increase of 14.9%, total tourism revenue of $14 billion 411 million, an increase of 15.9%. Fujian Provincial Tourism Bureau, the Fujian provincial key monitoring of the 23 main scenic area of tourists received a total of 4 million 630 thousand passengers, essentially flat with the same period last year. read more

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What’s the difference between opening a milk tea shop and a dessert shop

in our traditional impression, many things are vague, cannot give a specific definition, in the broad sense, tea and dessert may be attributed to a class, many shops are both prepared, but in fact, operating tea and dessert is a difference, but the difference is not small, if you want to join for this dessert industry, can have the most need to fully understand, let Xiaobian for you to analyze.

dessert, is a very broad concept, roughly divided into sweet snacks and Cantonese syrup. Have your dessert across the continent, such as Sichuan Chongqing area cool shrimp, cold cream, ice powder; back to the analysis of Taiwan’s future, taro, sweet potato ice cakes, round, Tofu pudding, so it is completely different from the grain health class mainly the latter is to ruminate, grain for the Lord. The main health products is beans and so on, so the ruminate is different. read more

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There is fruit drink project description language

to say what kind of entrepreneurial projects do not have geographical differences, not affected by the season, the market demand is also simple market. Really want to have this kind of words should be able to find only in the ranks of food and beverage. Catering industry to join the project will be able to meet all your business requirements. Many items on the market, many investors fancy dining to join the business opportunities and choose to join. There, fruit drinks, pure natural green products, so that consumers be assured of health tea. Join fruit drinks hot seasons there is no off-season language, read more

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