51 com recent layoffs official said the news is not accurate

February 3rd morning news, according to sources exclusively revealed, 51.com recently conducted a company wide layoffs, and said the next phase will get the measures introduced.

"year-end bonus only a month, a lot of people are unhappy, the sources said the pay cut rumors, the current 51.com has gone to a lot of people feel very lonely".

51.com director of public relations, said the dragon in the acceptance of Tencent technology connection, said the message is not accurate.

Long Zhenwei said that the first phase of the 51.com is indeed part of the staff to adjust, but only based on the end of the year for routine elimination, according to personnel regulations, the elimination rate of around 5%". read more

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A5 selection how to better operate the new station how to make the product quickly get word of mouth

for a new station, we are often more questions about how to better operation, how to do a good job ranking, how to do traffic, etc.. Faced with these problems, some novice webmaster and SEO become overwhelmed, however, want to operate the new station is so difficult to do the following, I screened a variety of more successful cases and share with everyone:

1 website design is also a very important point  


page to see the details, from the view point of restructuring, page finesse, readability and scalability of the code, for the downstream service code comments, writing interface style, code compression, image optimization can be classified as the details of the deal, my understanding is that the details of the deal just mentioned is a basic skill for each reconstruction engineer should have, is not the true sense of the details, good details should be starting from the user, should be from the heart of a caring for the user. Here are two small cases, we are doing the page when the common plate, if we carefully deal with it, perhaps the user will feel more intimate. read more

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Double 11 online shopping fraud reported a total of 73 yuan from the case of more than 14 yuan

3 minutes of trading more than 1 billion yuan; 13.5 hour trading 36 billion 200 million yuan more than last year, "double 11" all day long transactions – this is the electricity supplier masterpiece, this is the "double 11" charm, this is the potential consumer market Chinese. It is no wonder that the value of billions of horses in Hangzhou to thank Chinese women". They are, let Chinese makers in traffic and revenue gains huge at the same time, also gain a great influence, even in the United States investors due to the electricity supplier shares happiness within, shares rose and xibuzijin. read more

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United States men do blind dating site registered users up to about 200000

, according to U.S. media recently reported that the United States man Jerry · 7 years ago, founded a dedicated to help American farmers to find a blind date of the object of alternative dating site (FarmersOnly.com). Since its inception, the registered users of the site has been increased from the original 2000 to the current about 200000.

According to the

, the site in the user registration, do not ask him what sign, but ask him not to raise livestock farmers, what, what kinds of crops, however, these "soil" has successfully helped hundreds of farmers here find love into the marriage hall. read more

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Tencent enterprise WeChat can ask for leave of absence from your boss

enterprise WeChat combines the announcement, attendance, leave, reimbursement and other office needs, users can easily get it on the phone. In addition, WeChat also has some innovative enterprises more joint office scene features, such as message receipt and rest.

source: Vision China

rumor has long been the enterprise WeChat finally surfaced. On the morning of April 18th, Tencent announced the WeChat App version of the download address of the enterprise through the WeChat public.

overall, the company’s WeChat App with the previous rumors of the product shots are roughly the same, divided into four versions, including the phone side of the Android, iOS version, as well as desktop Windows, Mac version. read more

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P2P industry regulation first mention ten principles the need for real name registration platform sh

P2P regulation

news September 28th, in the 2014 Internet financial innovation and Development Forum ", the CBRC innovation supervision department director Wang Yanxiu first proposed P2P industry regulation of the" Ten Principles ", including" investors and financiers to real name registration, P2P institution shall not provide guarantees for investors to own "principle, to further clarify the regulatory red line.

Wang Yanxiu proposed ten principles include:

P2P is a regulation to follow the P2P nature of the business, the nature of the so-called business project is to correspond to P2P, institutions can not hold their money, cannot establish a pool of funds, financial institutions China P2P not operating funds; read more

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SNS Wars Happy domain kanxin001 com fire pole

the world’s cohesion friends, SNS website to launch SNS dating extended, the mode of the website by the people welcome, in 2006-2009 years, the domestic SNS website domain name type diversity, blossom everywhere, the major domestic SNS website in the domain name, the product is expanding in the fierce competition.

happy network kanxin001.com win

2008 happy net was founded this year and happy net development of the most flourishing period, the user population soared close to one hundred million, but the words of happy net domain name kaixin001.com is not so real "happy", the kaixin001.comf domain name was registered in 2007, the domain name is regarded as a creative domain, but is very different from the website "happy" the website domain name is kaixin.com? That happy net success makes others jealous, 1000 rubber company is happy to spend lots of money to buy Larry domain kaixin.com build SNS website, the two is fought for many years, "genuine happy net" case once made SNS the industry concerned, despite this, but happy net early in the crowd the influence of the beat many competitors, happy net market share dominance of the SNS field in the 2007-2009 period. read more

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Renren Deputy General Topaz and developers for profit should not open platform

speed transit network in December 14th, jointly organized by the Internet Society of China and speed transit network of the blue ocean Salon "open platform focusing on opportunities and challenges, to high-end industry seminar held in the closed Chinese Internet association. Qihoo 360 vice president Chen Danqing, vice president of Renren topaz, Sogou desktop Technology Division General Manager Yang Hongtao, senior manager of the public affairs department of Baidu, Dong Xiuhai flies CEO Ni County music, download the Sina micro-blog open platform marketing manager Gong Min, Tencent, micro-blog open platform, deputy director of the group responsible for the simulation verification center Liu Huijie and comprehensive experiments of advanced communication network engineer Zhang Dehua and other domestic mainstream Internet Co executives, open platform responsible person and experts attended the meeting, deputy director of the research department of Li Zenghai Chinese Internet association. read more

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Hundreds of owners to participate in the operation of the community training tour TianJin Railway St

the morning of June 26th 9, by the "stationmaster" Club (zz.comsenz.com) launched the "growth will be officially launched in Tianjin Tianjin familiar hotel in the end of 2009 community operations combat training activities, BELLE founder Cui Yi, Chinese outdoor information network, ShopNC online shopping mall owners Yang Wei general manager Wu Jinjin nearly 100 and around the city of Tianjin and the webmaster Internet practitioners participated in the training. At the same time, the "club" club 18 cities nationwide interactive activities also officially kicked off. read more

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