The media chase continues. Let’s get involved, we have to be narrators, not others

first_imgKORONA – ALARM IN CROATIA: HIGH INCREASE IN THE NUMBER OF INFECTED Communicate all the measures that have been taken, the protocols that we have, how you have prepared as an accommodation facility, the relevant data. further states in its article: MUP UZG COVID  Croatia is considered to be one of the countries that responded to this Pandemic quickly and effectively and which was considered to be “KORONAVIRUS-FREE”.  However, for three weeks now, a high number of infections has been recorded on a daily basis in Croatia. Due to the large number of infections, Slovenia is removing neighboring Croatia from the list of safe Korona virus countries. But for tourists, who are currently in Croatia, nothing will change for now. However, entering Slovenia if you come from Croatia will be a bit more complicated. The reason for this: Croatia is now classified in Slovenia as a country on the “yellow list”. The countries on the “yellow list” are controlled by the Slovenian authorities in much more detail. This can result in longer waits at border crossings.  HUT LAUNCHED THE CORONA REGION TRACKER WEBSITE WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR MY HOLIDAY IN CROATIA?  SIGNIFICANT INCREASE OF NEWLY INFECTED WITH COVID IN CROATIA19 1.112 people are counted as currently infected and 3.394 as cured. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs as well as the Robert-Koch Institute on their websites provide information on which countries and which regions are currently considered insecure areas. The article about Slovenia is also interesting, and a careful play on words gives a different impression. According to John Hopkins University, there are currently 4.634 confirmed infections and 128 deaths caused by COVID-19 (as of July 24, 2020, 8:34 a.m.). / Coronavirus 2019-nCoV Q&A QUARANTINE FOR RETURNEES FROM CROATIA? KORONAVIRUS.HR in English In crisis communication, every word and moment is important, and every negative article immediately slows down reservations and that is why we must react immediately and proactively, we must create and control the narrative. Original article / Corona-Alarm in Croatia: Starker Anstieg der Infektionszahlen  While a hybrid struggle is being waged in the media space, any article like this in the current situation reduces reservations. Large foci of infection are mainly located in the Croatian capital in Zagreb and in the east in Slavonia. Since February 25, when the first case of Corona virus was confirmed, a total of 4.634 positive people have been tested.  HUT: Corona Region Tracker But while the media chase is going on, in the latest report he published two days ago German Ministry of Foreign Affairs Croatia is a safe destination and there are no restrictions for travel and return to Germany.  Share CRTs through your channels, because that’s how information spreads quickly and efficiently. And we have a responsibility to constantly emphasize relevant information, that Croatia is a safe destination, both directly to our guests and through our channels and social media. What the state should have done was done by HUT – epidemiologically mapping and looking at each Croatian county individually. On the map, Croatia is divided into four regions: North Coast (Istria and Kvarner); South coast (Dalmatia); Central Croatia (Zagreb and surroundings) and Eastern Croatia. CROATIA: DAILY HIGH NUMBER OF NEW DISEASES The Croatian Tourism Association launched a website yesterday with the aim of timely and accurate informing the public about the number of COVID-19 cases in Croatian regions.  German tourists returning from Croatia do not currently have to expect to be quarantined. This will only be necessary if someone returns from one of the EU countries, whose number in the last seven days is more than 50 new cases per 100.000 inhabitants. Croatia is currently well below these values.  BE INFORMED IN DETAIL BEFORE TRAVELING! The Government of the Republic of Slovenia has set off epidemiologically map and look at each Croatian county individually, which is great news for us because if it were the opposite due to the epidemiological situation, the whole of Croatia would already be on the red list. The same proposal has been made for weeks by the tourism profession that Croatia also publicly communicate and selectively present counties, because currently Adriatic Croatia is on the green epidemiological list, which is crucial to communicate. Every message and word is currently carefully weighed, and if we do not control the narrative, while others deal with us – we have fires on all sides and we do not control the situation. Let’s get involved, we need to be narrators, not let others create an image of us, especially not the wrong one. HIGH INCREASE IN THE NUMBER OF INFECTED IN CROATIA GERMAN MINISTRY OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS CONFIRMS HOW CROATIA IS A SAFE DESTINATION The media chase and fight for literally every guest continues. This is only part of the title, in this case again from the German media, who recently published last year’s, ie old recordings from Zrće, imputing how in Novalja during the covida19 allegedly scandalous partying. All this information and rules can be changed on a daily basis. As long as the Corona Pandemic still requires protection measures, therefore the most important rule is: always be informed and asked in detail. Official and binding information is provided by both the federal government and the country to which you are traveling. Whoever adheres to this has the best opportunities to enjoy a relaxing and smooth vacation – and most importantly to stay healthy. We are a thorn in the side of many and want to put Croatia on the red list, and this is evident from various articles from Italy, Austria, Germany, etc.… Accurate and relevant data are the strongest weapon of fake news and attempts to tailor a different perception. MINT / COVID-19 INFO Side dish: Viber community Total Croatia Travel INFO with all epidemiological information in Croatia for foreign touristslast_img